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These web pages are about the PMR department at Christian Medical College, Vellore.

PMR is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is services for people with disabilities. Some people will only just have become disabled while others may gave been disabled from birth. We work with children and adults who have had accidents and become paraplegic or had a head injury. Also with people who had a stroke and became paralysed and may have problems speaking, children with cerebral palsy and adults and children who have lost a leg or arm.

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We aim to help people help themselves no matter what the problem. People come to PMR with many different problems such as

  • spinal cord injury,
  • brain injury, head injury
  • stroke or cva,
  • CP – cerebral palsy,
  • developmental delay,
  • arthritis,
  • muscular dystrophy eg Duchennes
  • haemophilia joint problems and
  • loss of arm(s) or leg(s) – amputations.
  • Plus any other cause of physical disability

Many of our patients will have complications like large pressure sores, incontinence and contractures of the legs and arms. It takes time to treat these problems but we can help people with these complications.

These pages look at the services we give in PMR and some general information about the hospital. They also give some patient information about some of the tests or treatments at PMR.

Contact information on how to email or phone the department or hospital is given on most pages.

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You can book appointments online, by post or by coming to the hospital. You can email with questions about which doctor to see etc at webappointment@cmcvellore.ac.in.

Book online: http://clin.cmcvellore.ac.in/webapt/

Contact PMR – Patient care enquiries for PMR:

Book an appointment for PMR online, by post or by coming to the hospital. For other information about services for people with disabilities,
please contact Dr. Debbie Skeil:

Email: pmrcmcv@gmail.com

Information for other patients please email webappointment@cmcvellore.ac.in


We hope this information is accurate; if you have any additional information that may be useful or spot any mistakes, please let us know.

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