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First Appointment

CMC – First Appointment

How to Register and Book a First Appointment

New Patients: You need to Register before you can book your first appointment. You only need to register ONCE.

You can register on-line, by phone, by post/courier or by coming to the hospital.

Register on-line.

Follow this link to register on the web: Online Registration. You can fill in the form on this web page. Please note the confirmation number you are given. You will need the confirmation number to book your appointment. You cannot book this first appointment on line.

Register by phone.

You may phone the Appointments Call Centre any day at the times shown below. They will take your information and fill in the form for you. They can also book the appointment(s).

Day Time Telephone
 Monday – Friday  7 am to 9.30 pm 0416 228 80000416 307 8000
 Saturday  7 am to 7 pm
 Sunday  10am to 2pm

The call centre is very busy and callers often cannot get through immediately at the moment. The hospital is aware of this and very sorry for the problem. They are sorting this out and hope it will be resolved soon.

Register by Post or Courier.

You can register by post or courier. The registration form also books the appointment.

  1. Download and print the registration form from this link: http://www.cmch-vellore.edu/pdf/sociological.pdf.
  2. Fill it in with the new patient’s information and appointment you want.
  3. Then send this to the Head, Outpatient Services (see address below) with a demand draft (see below).

Register at the Hospital.

Email: You cannot register nor book an appointment by email. But, you can ask questions by email. The email id is reception@cmcvellore.ac.in.

Booking Your First Appointment.

You can book your first appointment by phone, by post/courier or by coming to the hospital. You cannot book you first appointment online nor by email.

What Appointment do you Want?

All patients wanting an appointment need to give us the following information.

Paying for your Registration and First Appointment(s)

You will need to pay when you register and book your appointment. You can pay

Credit Card

Indian Credit Cards: You can pay using any Indian credit Cards with the VISA emblem (and 16 digits on the card).

Foreign Credit Cards: No foreign credit cards can be used. But, we hope to be able to accept foreign credit cards soon.

Demand Draft

You can send your payment as a Demand Draft by post or courier. You must either

Please enclose the Demand Draft in Indian Rupees for the appointment. We also accept foreign bankers drafts made out in Rupees.

The draft should be in favour of

“Treasurer, CMC Vellore Association” and payable at Vellore Town Branch

Post or send by courier all this to:

The Head, Outpatient Services,
Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 632004.

We will let you know your appointment day, time etc:

Please note: the rates are sometimes changed. So you may be asked to pay the difference after your arrival. If you paid too little, you will have to pay the extra needed. If you paid too much money, it will be credited to your CMC hospital account. This can be used to pay for other services or refunded to you.

If you have been to CMC, Vellore as a patient before you do not need to register again.

Safety of your Hospital Number Card

picture of the hospital card

Hospital Card:
front and Back

When you register you will get a card. This is called the Hospital Number Card. The counter staff need this when you book appointments, pay and when you have blood tests and other tests done.

We also use it to find your chart which has the doctors notes, letters and your test results in it. Your tests and investigation results are listed using the hospital number.

Please keep it carefully. To get a duplicate hospital number card contact G-32 in the ground floor of the main OPD building. Do not register again just to get new card. It will give you two sets of hospital notes which can cause big problems.

Registration and Appointment Fees

The tariff and all fees increase in January each year. These are the fees posted on the CMC site in January 2013

Appointment Private General
New Registration and Appointment:For first time at CMC. Paid ONCE only

Rs 630/-

Rs 120/-

Repeat Appointments Within 3 Months



After 3 Months



Note: Appointments are confirmed only after you have paid.

Do you need help with this?

Please phone the Appointment Call Centre on 0416 228 8000 or 0416 307 8000, the times are shown above, or email
if you need help with this or have any questions.
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