Repeat Appointments

Returning to CMC

Booking Appointments for Patients coming back to CMC

Patients who come back to CMC will have a hospital number. You may be coming back for follow up – to see the doctor you saw before. Or to see a new doctor. But you have registered before and have a CMC hospital number. So you do not need to register again.

You can book another appointment on-line, by phone, by post/courier or by coming to the hospital. Your appointment will only be confirmed after you have paid.

What Appointment do you Want?

All patients wanting an appointment need to give us the following information.

  • Departments: Please tell us the department(s) you want to see. This is the doctor you will consult in OPD.
    • If you are not sure, just tell us what your problems are or send any medical reports about the problem. We can then make the right appointment for you.
  • General or Private: Would you like a general appointment or private appointment?
    • As a General Patient, you will be seen by one of the junior doctors from the department you choose.
    • As a Private Patient, you will meet a consultant from the department you choose.
  • Date: What date would you like the appointment? Some clinics are only open one day a week.
    • Please do not forget that you will need to book your travel.
    • It is best to make train reservations to arrive in Vellore on the evening before your appointment date. You can arrive any time before this, if you wish.

How you can book your appointment.

You can register on-line, by post/courier or by coming to the hospital.

Book your return Appointment on-line.

  • You can book your return appointment on the web. You need to pay using an Indian credit card or the CHRIS card issued by CMC hospital. You will only get an appointment on-line if you pay immediately. Go to this page to book: Book Repeat Appointments Online Here (You cannot book your first appointment on-line yet)

Book your return Appointment by Post or Courier

You can ask for an appointment by post or courier. Please send this one month before the appointment date you want.

  1. You need to fill in the Registration form. This will be used to get you the right appointment but will not actually register you again.
  2. You need a separate demand draft for each appointment you want.
  3. Please enclose the Demand Draft in Indian Rupees for the appointment. We also accept foreign bankers drafts made out in Rupees.

The draft should be in favour of

Treasurer, CMC Vellore Association
and payable at Vellore Town Branch

  1. Post or send by courier all this to:

The Head, Outpatient Services, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 632004.

We will let you know your appointment day, time etc:

  • You live in India: We will text the details to your mobile phone or email if you do not have a mobile phone.
  • You live outside India: We will email the details to you.

Please note: the rates are sometimes changed. So you may be asked to pay the difference after your arrival. If you paid too little, you will need to pay the extra needed. If you paid too much money, it will be credited to your CMC hospital account. This can be used to pay for other services or refunded to you.

Book your return Appointment at the Hospital

You can come to the hospital and book an appointment. You need to go to a cash counter that can book appointments. You do not need to fill in the Registration form if you book a return appointment at the hospital.

Please ask at the enquiry desk or see the labels above the cash counters. There is a counter open for booking appointments 24hrs a day every day of the week.

Email: You cannot register nor book an appointment by email. However, you can ask questions by email. The email id is

Registration and Appointment Fees

The tariff and all fees are changed in January of each year. We try to keep the amounts up to date but apologise if the prices are incorrect. 

 Appointment Private General
New Registration and Appointment:
For first time at CMC. Paid ONCE only

Rs 650/-

Rs 120/-

Repeat Appointments Within 3 Months



After 3 Months



Note: Appointments are confirmed only after you have paid.

Do you need help with this?

Please email if you need help with this or have any questions.

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  1. Please Note: All the tariff and the fees usually increase each year in January – we try to keep updated but may not have the new tariff shown.

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