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Some Links to Useful Information

There is a LOT of information out on the internet. But finding information that is helpful for you can be very very time consuming. So we are going to give links to some sites that may be useful for you if you have a disability or someone you know has a disability.


This Pinterest page shows some therapy ideas.
This Pinterest page shows some therapy ideas.

Pinterest lets you choose pictures that are helpful or pictures that link back to pages that are helpful. It is a very visual way of getting more information – which I really like! Pictures are much easier to quickly look at and get information from than words for most of us.

Here are some pages I have found or add to. I will add more when I find them:

Therapy ideas – many are things we can make at home. Some are ideas  that look they are too expensive or not available within India at the moment. But we can take that idea and adapt it to what we can make locally

Low Cost Communication Aids – Communication Aids are used to help people “talk” without speaking. This Pinterest page shows things to help people communicate without speaking and that we can make or buy that do NOT cost much.  Looking at This Pinterest page shows you some therapy ideas. What is available in the USA or UK is all very well. But most people we work with cannot afford them or we cannot get them easily in India. These pictures and links can give ideas on how to use and make low cost things that can help people communicate.

Ideas to make some money: Vocational Rehabilitation – Earning money is so important for any one who is physically or mentally challenged. We show some ideas here that may allow some people with disabilities to earn some money. They will use basic hand skills and training. Plus be cheap to set up. Lateral thinking encouraged.


diigo pages whos format
A group about how to adapt clothes for people with disabilities. Links to related pages.

Diigo lets you share links to pages that others may find helpful – social bookmarking. These pages can be tagged so you can find what you want. There are also some groups. Pages can be open to everyone or just to people you choose.

Comunication aids – AAC

Pages about communication aids for people who cannot speak. Ways to help them communicate with us using written words or pictures usually.

More to follow…..

Later more pages from Pinterest, Diigo etc

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