Summer in the Rehabilitation Institute

Summer in Vellore is hot, like many other places in India! Doing therapy is hard work. When we work hard we start to get hot and sweat. So what happens to therapy in the summer months in Vellore?

We can see how hard it is for our adults and children doing therapy in the Rehabilitation Institute . We try to make the rooms cooler, we close the shutters to keep the heat out and obviously put the fans on. We do not have air conditioning in the therapy rooms unfortunately. Those paying for a private room with air conditioning do get it. Other rooms and wards do not.

So, to make things easier for the people doing therapy, we change the timetable.

Our normal timetable is 8am to 4.30pm. But in the summer we start earlier at 7am and therapy in OT and physio is finished by 12.30pm. There may be group work and ward rounds in the afternoon, but no therapy using physical activities. It is only a small thing, but it does help. Maybe one day we will find a better way to keep everyone cool, but for now this is our best option.