PMR Outpatient Care

This page gives information about OP appointments to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) department, CMC, Vellore.

If you need help about another medical problem or need information about another department please go to CMC Departments. For other information for patients, please go to CMC Patient Information.

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation

Following a head injury/stroke/spinal injury most patients need multidisciplinary treatment. Multidisciplinary treatments means seeing lots of different professionals! So often you will have physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, medical care and sometimes speech therapy and psychology plus social workers.

Sometimes the therapy can be given as an outpatient, and sometimes as an inpatient. The treatment time can be long. For complex problems like spinal cord injury or brain injury it can be 6 weeks to 6 months or more. team diagram md

If you have questions about other medical problems or need another department, please write to

PMR Outpatient or Inpatient treatment

Most patients need to book an OP appointment. Most patients we see in Outpatients do not need to be admitted as an inpatient and can have therapy, if needed, as an outpatient.

Some patients do need inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. Nearly all of our inpatients are seen in Outpatients first. The doctors will assess you and advice the best treatment for you – outpatient or inpatient.

If you want or need inpatient care you need to come to an OP appointment first to discuss treatment with the doctors.

Some very sick patients may be transferred by their doctors to CMC and may not come to OPD first – only these patients need not book for OP.

PMR Outpatient (OP) appointments

PMR outpatients are separate from main outpatients. Physio is in this builiding and OT is in the building behind
PMR outpatients in here. There is a ramp on the left side

Patients can see a doctor by making a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Outpatient appointment. You can see the doctor for assessment, for advise, for medical treatments eg starting tablets and to plan outpatient or inpatient therapy and treatments.

Please bring all medical reports, xrays, scans and test results about the patient.

Booking an Outpatient appointment with PMR

You can book an appointment online or come into the hospital and book. You need to pay when you book. You can also use a Chris card or a credit card for appointments booked online.

Please go to to book an appointment

You can no longer phone for an appointment.

Appointment Information

You need this information when you book:
– Which doctors in PMR do you want to see/consult?
– What kind of appointment do do you want? General / Private
– What is the earliest date for an admission?
Don’t forget you will need to get transport here.
– Address & phone number (especially if different from the address given when you registered at CMC eg you have moved)

Out-patient Tariff: the Rates/Costs for an OP clinic appointment

New Registration – first time at CMC. Paid ONCE only

General Rs 250/-
Private Rs 1000/-

This includes one follow up appointment within 6 months of your first appointment.

Repeat appointments – Consultation in OPD: Within 3 months

General Rs 80/-
Private Rs 250/-

Repeat appointments – Consultation in OPD: After 3 months

General Rs 80/-
Private Rs 750/-

Referral for any NEW Consultation on the same day, to a different department or within the same department.

General —
Private Rs 750/-

Accident and Emergency Initial assessment excludes tests, medicines etc

Casualty Rs 250/-??

For more information on the rates, what is a private and what is a general appointment etc see

Appointments for non-Indian Citizens or Foreigner

You can read information about making an appointment as a non-Indian citizen by going to this page . This will help you book the appointment.

There are people at the hospital who will help you once in Vellore.

If you need any more information write to They will be able to help you.

First Visit – Registration

New patients need to register. You can register on line or visit the hospital. But you must register before getting an appointment. The website to register is

PMR enquiries

Information about Appointments with PMR: Please write to 

Need your report from a PMR doctor OP- write to

Need some other information about PMR : write to You may not get a personal response for a week or 2 at this email address. But will immediately get  information about booking appointments etc.