Videos of CMC Vellore

CMC has made some videos about CMC. You can find them on YouTube here Christian Medical College Vellore official videos 

They are beautifully made by a team lead by Tim Nichols. The team makes videos for others including the National Geographic channel. 

Here are links to some of the videos. 

Home of a Healing God

The  first video is an introduction to CMC. There is a long version around 33 minutes and a shorter 10 minute video. 

Home of a healing God – full version

Home of a healing God long version (32mins 42s) 

Home of a healing God – short version. 

Home of a healing God short version (10mins) 

Our Stories, Our CMC

This second video has several short stories of things CMC does. 

Our Stories, Our CMC: A quick look at the hospital. 

A general look at what goes on in the hospital (2mins 34s) 

Our Stories, Our CMC: The patient experience. 

A look at how patients experience the hospital. 

Mental health services for those around Vellore 

Our Stories, Our CMC: how people around Vellore with mental health problems are helped by others, including CMC. 

(please note People from anywhere in India can get help from the CMC mental health department.)